How to enjoy Akitsuki

You can enjoy the life in Akitsuki itself just by walking around the town without any special events, but the town surely has many sight-seeing sites and its local experiences.

Enjoying scenery

Walking around the town (Bukeyashiki Hisanotei, Akitsuki castle ruins, Kuromon, etc.)

Some of Akitsuki’s attractions are castle ruins and old Samurai residences. There is prosperity of 16 generations of Akitsuki family, that dominated since Kamakura period, and 12 generations of Kuroda family since Edo period. What makes Akitsuki so unique and different from other sightseeing sites is that the streets from those old days can still be seen here. It is selected as “Conservation district of traditional buildings” in Japan.

Meeting the people in Akitsuki

Experiences (Ceramics, Japanese paper making, plant dyeing, Kimono dressing, etc.)

Because Akitsuki has been one of famous sightseeing sites for a long time, it has many traditional workshops, such as ceramics, Japanese paper making, plant dyeing, and you can also walk around the town wearing kimono. It will make you feel as if you went back in time.


Shopping (kudzu, PG Gauze flagship store, which has a shop in famous Teikoku Hotel, pottery, etc.)

There is a PG Gauze flagship store which has a shop in famous Teikoku Hotel. You can also buy great pottery for yourself or as souvenirs.

“The name PG Gauze was derived from a phrase ‘plenty green’ and an abbreviation for ‘pregnant.’

We hope to bring our soft gauze to the pregnant mothers, who are excited to have their babies that will grow up big like a beautiful green forest. ”

PG Gauze flagship store


History of Akitsuki

The town of Akitsuki was settled at the bottom of Mt. Kosho (860 m). It lies toward the south and the other 3 directions are surrounded by mountains. In this basin, it was hard to be attacked and easy to protect due to this geographical factor. In the Middle Ages in Japan, Akitsuki family built a castle in Mt. Kosho and dominated the town for 16 generations and 12 generations by Kuroda family in the modern ages. It has a long history as a castle town. The current townscape was built by Kuroda family.

In 1587 during Sengoku period, when Hideyoshi Toyotomi planned to conquer Kyushu island, Tanezane Akitsuki decided to battle, however, chief vassal Nobutaka Erikuranosuke saw no chance of winning mighty Hideyoshi army. Therefore, he tied to convince them to be reconciled, but they insisted to battle. In the end, Akitsuki family tried to stop this conquest by risking their lives. Their cenotaph was built in the battle field.

The town flourished until Meiji period, but after the downfall of samurai and because the town was far from the main artery, it was left behind from modernization and developments. Therefore, the town has kept its old townscape.

There are 61 conservation district of traditional buildings in Japan. Only 2 of those are castle towns, and what makes Akitsuki unique from the other one is that the entire town is designated. Scenery of town distribution, house distribution, road system, channel network, castle ruins, Samurai residences, merchants’ houses matches its nature and rural landscapes, and makes it a historical site.


Mountain climbing (Mt. Kosho 860 m)

You can enjoy climbing Mt. Kosho. The mountain is famous for its beautiful autumn leaves. You can also go and see the special national natural treasure in Mt. Kosho, the boxwood primeval forest.

fruit picking(persimmons, pears, apples, etc.)

Fruit picking in Asakura region is one of popular activities for the people in Fukuoka. It’s popular not only in Akitsuki, but in many other neighboring towns. Needless to say, it’s one of fun activities in Akitsuki.


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