Fantastic Akitsuki in the off-season

You can see beautiful and fantastic Akitsuki in the off-season in the following video filmed by one of our good friends by drone.

Experience all four seasons

Akitsuki has very unique and beautiful scenery in each season. In addition to popular seasons of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, what we would truly like to offer you is that the relaxing times you can spend in each and every season as if you live in the beautiful town of Akitsuki. Therefore, we do not offer meals. There are so many restaurants nearby where locals love to go

Four seasons of Akitsuki


Enjoy 2 different traits of Akitsuki

As one of popular sightseeing sites, Akitsuki gets busy in spring for cherry blossoms and in tourist season in fall. But there is one more attraction that we fell in love with.

National conservation district of traditional buildings

It lies in their day-to-day lives in Akitsui. As the town is selected as National conservation district of traditional buildings, it has kept its old streets and houses. Therefore, their ordinary lives themselves are extraordinary for the visitors from big cities. We would love you to enjoy the old town of Akitsuki with all different seasonal traits with wonderful nature, and the atmosphere brought by local people.

An ordinary life in an extraordinary manner

Cozy town Akitsuki that I found

Once I asked one resident, “What kind of problem do you have recently?,” then the resident said, “A hen from the next-door neighbor laid eggs in my backyard? Should I return them or not?” That truly portrays the coziness of Akitsuki I found, I thought.

Eggs of a hen next door!!

At Yu, we offer not only a face of a famous sightseeing site, after much consideration of how we can bring you the beauty of an “ordinary life” of Akitsuki, we also offer a day-to-day life of Akitsuki in an ordinary manner instead of a spacial getaway place.

During your stay, we would like you to make yourselves at home with no hustle and bustle.


Hinameguri (late Feburuary, a day to pray for the health and happiness of young girls.)

Hayashiryu Kakaeozutsu (4 times a year)

Concerts (irregular)

We have 3 different types of rooms available.

“Sei” ”Ko” and ”Udoku”