Because it is our concept for you to enjoy a day-to-day life in Akitsuki, we do not offer meals. There are a number of great well-known local restaurants visited by both locals and tourists nearby.

食事 Places to eat

朝食 Breakfast

「月の峠」“Tsuki-no-Touge” 1 minute on foot

There is a famous local specialty bakery named “Tsuki-no-Touge” just a minute away from the hotel on foot. People would wait in line even on weekdays for their famous curry buns! These curry buns are made with local “Kosho hen” with curry filling inside natural yeast bread. Bread dough is rested overnight to enrich the flavor.

At “Tsuki-no-Touge,” you can enjoy their tasty bread in their beautiful garden, needless to say, in fall when all of the leaves are beautifully colored, but also in other seasons.




昼食 Lunch

「葛本舗」 “Kuzuhompo” 1 minute on foot 

“Kuzuhompo” is located across from the hotel. This shop has been around since 1819! It is an all-natural domestic kudzu production shop. They use 100% of Kyushu-made kudzu. All procedures are completed in Kyushu without any food additives or chemicals. You can purchase their kudzu starch noodles, kudzu thin wheat noodles, and also kudzu itself. If you are lucky, you can join their workshop!

You can see their amazing process of their products on the following English website.




「秋月池田屋」 Buckwheat noodle shop “Akitsuki Ikedaya” 2 minutes on foot

You can enjoy not only their great noodles, but also rent kimono here. It would be nice to walk around the town in kimono while you go shopping or look for a place to eat!

「夢窓」Japanese cuisine “Muso” 3 minutes on foot


「清流庵」Japanese cuisine “Seiryuan” 5 minutes on foot

There is a beautiful hotel nearby named “Seiryuan,” which covers about 2 acres filled with lots of greens. It’s a great idea to even just walk in and around this hotel, but their Japanese restaurant named “Akitsuki Komachi” is also a wonderful place to enjoy lunch and/or dinner in a relaxing atmosphere.

夕食 Dinner

「秋月食堂」Okonomiyaki(Japanese pizza) “Akitsuki Shokudo” 1 minute on foot Open late

Big hot plate at the counter is their trademark. It’s located across from our hotel and is open at night on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It is sometimes open very late depending on the customers.

「夢窓」 Japanese prix-fixe restaurant “Muso” 5 minutes on foot Open until 9:00pm

「大臣」 24:00まで Japanese tapas “Daijin” 5 minutes on foot Open until 9:00pm

「旧江藤商店」 Bar “Kyu Eto Shoten” 2 minutes on foot

“Kyu Eto Shoten” is a bar in a great atmosphere that catches your eye even when you just walk by. From the inside the bar with lots of vintage items, you can enjoy a nice view of the street through its big clear windows. Because it is one of few places that is open very late in Akitsuki, you can enjoy late night life of Akitsuki at this wonderful bar.


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There are 3 different types of rooms available, “Sei,” “Ko,” and “Udoku.”