About “Yu”

 Origin of the name

 Traditional Japanese house to stay “Yu”

The word “Yu” is quoted from the Chinese oldest poetry in its history.

It describes a sense of living a life of ease and leisure.

The word represents the idea of what it’s like to live in Akitsuki.


We have 3 different types of rooms available.

“Sei” ”Ko” ”Udoku”

The word “sei-ko-udoku” comes from a Japanese idiom, which describes the idea of working in the field in good weather and reading at home on a rainy day.


Closet  Bedroom

Japanese-style room for 2 people


Western-style room for 3 people


Lobby   Entrance  Stairs  Hallway Handrail

Maisonette Japanese-Western-style room for 5 people

Rooms can be reserved individually or in combination, such as Sei-Ko, or Sei-Ko-Udoku.




Chat room